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CEP Kits - Communication Earplug Protection


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CEP Kits provide excellent hearing protection for helmets and headsets. They are great alternatives to ANR systems, battlefield-hardened, require no batteries, very easy to install, and will fit any helmet and most standard size headsets.

The CEP Kits (Communication Earplug Protection Kit) was developed by the US Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory (USAARL) at Fort Rucker, Alabama, for use in helicopter helmets.

How they work:

The CEP system provides exceptional hearing protection by using small transducers (speakers) attached to expanding foam earplugs. This system passes the clearest speech signal attainable directly to the ear, provide extremely high speech intelligibility, even in the noisiest environments.

The CEP consists of a pair of miniature speakers or transducer elements to provide monaural signals to each ear. Expandable foam earplug tips are attached to these elements to provide a noise barrier, while incorporating a aural tube through the earplug tip to transmit the desired communications.

Kit Contents:

  • Earplug speaker assembly
  • Headset/helmet adapter
  • Sample Comply Canal Tips, large and slim tips.
  • Installation instructions
  • Earplug Box


  • Noise attenuation ranges from 30dB in the low frequencies and 45 dB near 4KHz.
  • Built tough for use in hostile military environments
  • Replaceable foam ear-tips. Can be washed and re-used many times
  • No batteries required
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CEP Kits - Communication Earplug Protection

CEP Kits - Communication Earplug Protection

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