United Design is Italian company specialized in design, planning and production of high technological content equipment for pilots flight staff. The production is totally artisan, it goes trough tracksuits, flight jackets, leather jackets, fireproof subcombinations, thermic subcombinations, technical shoes, flight gloves, skull caps and a rich range of accessories and the facility to customizing them.
Thanks to researches and development in the professional flight sector, it has been created a new line of products which offer an excellent standard of quality and even high meccanical and fireproof resistance.
Whatever is your need, with United Design you have the best flight products at your disposal. You can find outfit, electronical and other flight accessories.
Every time you palce an order, you will be sure that you have done the right chose because the customer and tecnical service are at your dispose to halp you and advice you before and after purchase.
If you are looking for new products for your professional flight activity, and why not for your free time, we can manage to solve your problems, because our strong points are:
Our company works only in handcraft way and make outfits with care and quality, using the most modern systems for factory production.
Quality materials
United Design uses only very high quality product for his own manufactured production.
Quality of production processes
The progetual fase of our outfits and accessories avail onself of most modern IT systems. (CAD/CAM).
Outfits customization
Every series of the flight uniform can be customized making aesthetic modified like the embroidery of your own name or like the label of your membership.
United Design crash down the costs by direct selling. This is the way to keep an high quality standard lever with a proportional price.