Material quality
United Design uses for his own manufactured production only high quality materials. The special fibers whit high technology of DuPontâ„¢ for the flight fireproof equipment, guarantee an high fire resistance and an excellent transpiration power, optimum color stability, very long duration.
The Polycotton we use is one of the best most durable and guaranteed.
The flight leather jackets are special production path.
United Design has choose directly in tannery the better quality fur, which are tanned both “chrome” and “vegetal”. Each face of production of our jackets are followed with great care by expert artisans For the creation of unique products. The selection of fur, the accuracy of the hand cut, the able assembly and the experience of our staff guarantee a optimal production quality.
Quality of productive processes
The projection phase of our outfits and accessories use the most IT systems (CAD/CAM). The automatic length, the artisans skill in the embroidery phase and the accurate control of finished product, guarantee an high total quality.
Quality’s objective
A regular executive management verifying ensures that the organization keeps it ‘s mind focused on the achievement of is own targets. The following key objects have been adopted by the organization in relation to his own strategic targets.
Customer comes first
a) Make sure that the hand out service is felt like excellent, in the areas chosen by the organization.
b) Developing the “core business model”.
c) To pursue the accordance to the “core business model”.
d) To establish and promote “customer retention” program.
e) Line up the activities of sell and marketing to the market needs.
f) To split up and develop supply to factories and services.
g) To redefine and to impose the “brand”.
Do things Better
a) Developing selection of products and a process of pricing making sure that they can answer to supply of the market.
b) Good communication whit costumers.
c) Improve the process of support and dedicate more resources for the sale activities.
Staff behaviour
a) Make sure that the staff shares the same business strategy company.
b) Create an environment were the employers could make decisions taking charge of eventual loss.
c) Develop and integrate a management performance system.
d) Make sure to develop enough professional resources to face future challenges.
Environment care
United Design is particularly sensitive about the environment and takes charge pf his own waste dispose, according to the current normative.