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01. Withdrawal right Top top
Sales of products via the Internet are regulated by L. D. 206/05 (arts. 50-68) which covers distance contract transactions, i.e. those which are not made inside a retail concern.

This legislation endorses the right of withdrawal, that is the possibility for the consumer to return the purchased product and to receive a refund for the amount paid.

This right is reserved exclusively to individuals (consumers), it can not therefore be exercised by legal persons and individuals who purchased the goods for purposes relating to their professional activity.

To exercise the withdrawal right, the consumer must send notice to the seller within 10 (ten) days of receiving the goods, stating his intention to withdraw from the contract.

Withdrawal rights are not applicable to customised products, i.e. products made exclusively for individual customers.

All expenses incurred to return the product are charged to the Customer.

The withdrawal right is invalidated if the returned product is not intact, that is:
* if the original packaging is missing
* if parts of the product are missing (accessories, cables, instruction manuals etc)
* if the product is damaged by causes other than transport.

How to exercise withdrawal rights
If you have made a purchase on our website and you wish to withdraw from the purchase, please follow the procedure below:

a) Contact United Design, within 10 (ten) days from receiving the goods, via e-mail.

b) Contact a courier of your choice to return the product which must be carefully packed in its original packaging and complete with all accessories, instruction manuals and anything else that was received with the goods.

c) Insure the goods against theft and damage during transport and settle the amount due to the courier. If the returned product has not been insured for the full value indicated on the invoice, if the goods are lost or damaged during transport, United Design reserves the right to deduct any amounts due to damages from the amount refunded to the customer.

d) Send the product to the address below within the second working day after notifying United Design of your decision.

Via Palmiro Togliatti, 73/A
06073 Taverne di Corciano (PG) - Italy

United Design will refund the amount paid for the goods within 30 working days from receiving the returned goods, and in any case not before receiving the goods.
02. Changing sizes Top top
Except for customised or end of line products, it is possible to request the replacement of items ordered, with an identical item but in a different size.
The article to be replaced must be returned undamaged and intact within 7 (seven) days from receiving the goods, and after notifying our Customer Service.
The acceptance of such requests will depend on whether the size of the item requested is in stock.

Not all sizes of end of line products are always available and can not necessarily be replaced; the Company will inform the Customer which sizes are available.
03. Non-conformity and defects Top top

Pursuant to L.D. n° 206 dated 6-09-2005, United Design is liable to the customer for any lack of conformity which exists at the time of delivery of the goods, unless at the time of signing the contract, the buyer knew or could not reasonably ignore the defect. The warranty is void if not accompanied by a receipt for proof of purchase.

For purchases made by individuals: the lack of conformity which becomes apparent within 24 (twenty-four) months from the date of receipt of the goods must be reported within 2 (two) months from the date on which the defect was discovered. The limitation of warranty is, therefore, of 26 (twenty-six) months from the date of delivery.

For purchases made by legal persons and natural persons acting for purposes relating to their professional activity: the lack of conformity which becomes apparent within 12 (twelve) months from the date of receipt of the goods must be reported within 2 (two ) months from the date on which it was discovered the defect.

In the case of used goods, the warranty period is 12 (twelve) months from the date of receipt of the goods. If the defect is evident after 6 (six) months receipt of the goods, the buyer is obliged to prove that the defect was present at the time of purchase.

The guarantee will apply to the product provided it is used properly and with due diligence, that is, in respect of its destination and as provided in any technical documentation. This guarantee is not applicable in case of normal wear, negligence, and carelessness in the use and maintenance.

In cases of manufacturing defects, consumers are entitled to have the product reinstated, repaired or replaced, free of charge, as foreseen by Art. 130 of the Consumer Code.

How to exercise reinstatement rights
If the product purchased from our website has any manufacturing defects, follow the instructions below to reinstate it in compliance with the sales contract standards:

a) Contact United Design, within 26 days from receiving the goods, via e-mail or by telephone and explain the extent of the defect. For further details please contact our Customer Service

b) Prepare the product for shipping making sure it is carefully packed in its original packaging and complete with all accessories, instruction manuals and anything else that was received with the goods; this will reduce the time needed to reinstate the defect.

Within 2 working days from receiving relative notice, the product will be collected by a courier assigned by United Design and nothing will be charged to the customer.

After receiving and checking the returned product, United Design will remove the defect according to what agreed between the parties.
04. Cancellation of orders Top top
Parts of orders paid for by cash or credit card which can not be delivered due to lack of stock, will be cancelled and the relative amounts will be refunded.
United Design reserves the right to refuse to do business with any subjects at his own discretion. Furthermore, United Design reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order at its own discretion, regardless of whether or not the payment has been received, notifying the Customer of such a decision by telefax, telephone or e-mail within 7 (seven) days (excluding weekends and public holidays) from receiving the order. In the event where United Design refuses or cancels an order that has already been paid for, United Design will promptly refund the whole amount received. Please note that the refund of the amount paid is the only obligation United Design has in relation to its decision to refuse or cancel the order, and the same can not be held liable or responsible for any other matter.
05. Returning products and relative expenses Top top
No products can be returned unless the Customer has received prior written authorisation from United Design in this sense; this applies unless the returned product is covered by the warranty conditions.
In order to receive the refund, after receiving authorisation from United Designs, the customer can return the unused products, in the same condition as they were originally delivered.
The return delivery must be carried out after receiving the relative invoice number, within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of the same.
06. Patents, copyrights and ownership rights Top top
United Design hereby warns all customers that the products in its catalogue may be patented and covered by author, ownership or other industrial property rights. United Design is the owner of all copyrights regarding this catalogue and all complete or partial reproduction of the same is strictly prohibited unless authorised in writing by United Design.
07. Jurisdiction and Competent Court Top top
The contracts signed between United Design and its Customer are governed by the Italian law.
The Court of Perugia will be the competent court for any disputes that may arise from this Contract.